Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Calling all post-ish Gen-Xers, those who won't change the station when Blues Traveler comes on, and who, when alone, sing along to the bridge in "Hook."

What the hell happened these last 10 years? I was going into my senior year in high school. It was summer. My whole life was promise and limitless possibility. It was all "catchy little tunes and hip, three-minute ditties."

I've done some things, some cool things, sure. I met Buzz Aldrin and dragged my ancient cat to London. But now I find myuself noticing the Youngers. People who were born in the 80s, whom I generally find to be mostly slackers and whores, are becoming Idols and Apprentices, Most Valuable Players and Oscar winners. They found their paths in life. Where's mine? I feel like John Popper busted all my balloons and burned all my cities.

Friday, September 02, 2005


The "puffy shirt" episode is on right now. And that very same shirt, heralding the "new pirate look for the 90s," is behind glass just down the street in the Museum of American History. It's nestled among Dorothy's ruby slippers, Fonzie's jacket, Archie's chair and Cliff's uniform.

I live in Washington, D.C. and I work on the Hill.

It's quite a life, in Washington, full of sirens and motorcades and traffic disruptions of all kinds. But it is where my boyfriend lives, in a killer apartment in a beautiful neighborhood. For him I tolerate it.

Then again, I am awfully near that icon of one of the greatest television shows in history...

This is my very first blog.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Okay so...

Right Kelly, here is your blog ;) Use it or I will nag you ceaselessly until you get in the habit of it. I know once you start writing you'll enjoy it, and with audioblogging so easy to do you should have no probs :)